Dr. Cornelia Mothes is a postdoctoral researcher at the
Department of Media and Communication at TU Dresden. Currently, she holds a visiting professorship at the Department of Media and Communication at LMU München.

Her work relates to political communication, media psychology,
and journalism in digital democracies, with a focus on both
academic and applied research. Cornelia is a member of the international research project Journalistic Role Performance and serves as
WAPOR's National Representative for Germany.

 +++ NEWS +++

We are excited to have been accepted for this year's ICA conference (Gold Coast, Australia) with a paper and a panel presentation.

My colleague Nayla Fawzi and me are looking forward to presenting a poster on perceived media performance and media trust at this year's conference of the DGPuK section 'Communication and Politics' in Mainz.

In the upcoming winter semester, I will be teaching and researching as a visiting professor  I am very much looking forward to it!